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I'm terribly sorry I couldn't owl you back earlier. I was in Slughorn's class, and he wouldn't buy that I was writing notes... especially when he took up the letter. Bloody prat.

A boy? I suppose that's a very good thing. The name will certainly be carried on then. Now, I mean after you're ready of course, you won't feel guilty if you ever decide you want to have a girl. They have got to be loads more fun to take care of, that's for sure. How do you feel about this new level of things? You know, having a baby and officially being married soon? ...How are you and Augustus?

Michael? That is a lovely name. I wish you the best of luck with Rodolphus. Perhaps Rabastan might be able to help your relationship with his brother improve?

I'm doing perfectly well, actually. I haven't felt better in a long while, except for I'm worried for you. Rabastan and I have made up, although who knows how soon our next fight will occur? (Kidding, kidding, I swear.) Charms isn't so horrible at the moment, so, yes, I suppose it's better than Transfiguration. You almost got me in trouble in Slughorn's class with that last statement. But yes, I do agree. I just have no idea who would want to be stuck with her...



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