Sirius Black (playful_padfoot) wrote in mmowls,
Sirius Black

Mrs. Lupin,

As you know (I'm sure) it was full moon the other night, and it didn't really go as well as normal. Well, it did before and what not but Remus tore open a lung I think and I'm not really positive exactly what happened, but something concerned poison and he was taking loads of potions. I'm running on, but I'll spare all the horrible details. I happened to be there that night and he started coughing up blood so Pomfrey had to call in two healers from Mungos. It was a very scary hour but he was alright by the time they left. I managed to stay in the hospital wing with him all night and when I woke up the next morning he was already up and acting like none of the stuff from the previous night had happened and it was a normal full moon. He really amazes me sometimes.

I know he probably won't write to you about this as always, so I thought you'd like to know. He's fine now, back to normal. Same Remus as always.

I hope you're doing well.

Love, Sirius
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